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Research shows that talking heads and voluminous slide decks won’t get you to innovation when you want to create strategy. Sadly, your team will only regurgitate old ideas out of that deathly brain fog. No need to get depressed though, because now YOU can…

Create Dynamism! We’ve been percolating & testing new ways to Up Your Creative Genius in team workshops for some time. This week we launched our Building A Dynamic Workshop board game that you can use to create your offsite and come up with awesome and engaging design! I use it every chance I get. This week, I worked with a leader using the game to design a 1/2 day session with her leaders that used a variation on the board game Clue to up their detective skills so they could solve the mysteries of their management structure!

Designing your next strategy, vision, process improvement or conversation-filled offsite should be engaging and fun. This board game helps you involve your client design team in the design and delivery of each part of your team workshop. Why not bring out and build the creative genius in everyone?

This is a perfect tool for learning and development, HR, OD, or admin/associates and business consultants! Don’t let your eyes roll back in your head when the event planning falls on your shoulders! Arm yourself with an awesome Creative Genius Toolkit!

You can do it! I believe in YOU!

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