Educators Need To Be Paid Better

Work + Vacation = Bliss

This week was one of those perfect weeks. I was fortunate to be asked to speak for the New Zealand Principals’ Federation this past week and if you follow me on FB you might have seen some of my posts. Here are my notes for those of you that missed it!

NZPF is led by one hilariously candid and awesome leader, Phil Harding. Thankfully he filled me in on some of the national politics the night before my talk which confirmed some of the things I was going to speak to…in January, the Prime Minister passed on some monies to promote better teaching and change leadership throughout the country. Rumor has it, this type of money funneling was unsuccessful in the UK and the principals were concerned it wouldn’t be successful here either. Handouts without strategy aren’t always the best solutions. (Just ask Bill & Melinda!)

Strategy + involvement of all stakeholders + $$ = higher rate of success

What was wonderful was how the principals were actively trying to sort it out and doing their best to work together to make progress against the lack of involvement and change management odds. (and we know those odds 9 to 1 against good change!)

There was so much care and attention placed on small and large details of the conference – including getting to watch the racers at the velodrome and dance to some fantastic music. I met so many friendly and smart kiwis. Thanks to the planning team and thank you so much to all the principals who are doing their best to be relevant amidst the digital age, who are learning to communicate better and give and receive feedback from their peers, and who persist despite the low pay and high stress.

Thank you to the children who played their ukeleles before I went onstage and to the principals who sang to me at the end. They mean it when they say “what goes around comes around.”

So next time a bond comes through or piece of legislation asking you to support education, don’t think about it, just do it. If you are someone who had the great fortune to go to school or are just going now, you know that education is how we know ourselves and one another. It’s how we build understanding of another’s culture and a respect for the earth. It’s imperative.

Kia ora! Thank you for all you do in the world to make it a better place. xopatti

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