Escaping the Fray

It’s inevitable, the work vortex tries to suck you in.  That tornado of leadership confusion, or change churn can steal your time, energy and creativity.

Before you know it, you’re caught up orbiting that giant Hairball.  But there are better ways to spend your time!

Here’s four suggestions to steer clear of the madness:

1. Ignore the chatter.

Don’t get caught in trashing people up or down an organization. It’s easy to complain (and yes, it can also be really satisfying), but it’s never gotten any of us anywhere. Find ways to divert the conversation to something more productive…or leave the room and take yourself on a fun solo expedition.

2.  Be the fun factor.

Carry things with you that are interesting and fun. It’s the grown-up version of dangling car keys in front of a cranky baby (Our Change Genie card game works very well in this respect ???? .) Work can sometimes be dull, frustrating, or boring, so why not be the person to introduce new ways to work and connect.

3.  People want you to do the darndest things.

There are times and places to say “That’s not my job,” but I have found that client retention and promotion is based on you actually taking the ball downfield. When someone asks for ideas or input about something that’s not your specific area of expertise, it’s better to consider it a compliment and respond with ideas versus suggesting it is above your pay grade. Even a terrible idea reflects better on your character than refusing to participate at all.

4.  Remember the bigger picture.

You are exactly where you are for a reason. Believe it. Find it. While the clarity of that statement sometimes plays hide and seek with you, it’s better to look for the reasons so you can learn or serve where you need to, and then you can easily move on.

It’s a super sad day when you are driving to work in a state of worry. Just know that everything is in it’s rightful place and worry is a choice. Your situation will be exactly the same, whether you actively worry about it or not. You will find your way out of a mess much quicker when you shake off the paralysis of worry. Shift your creative genius mindset to one of gratitude and openness and avoid the sticky web of the yucky hairball.

As always, I invite you to share your stories of escaping the fray below!


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