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Getting outside your comfort zone isn’t easy. If it was we would have a different term for it. It requires more than trying something new. It requires a shift in perspective. For example, a lot of managers wonder why, when they want to shift their culture, if they put ‘Culture’ on their strategy board it becomes one of the hardest things to achieve. A lot of it comes down to the fact that nothing has been done to help people change their perspective (and their behaviors).

Expand YOU - Chalky Hands

1. Arrange to have coffee with somebody in a neighborhood you know nothing about, where there are people who are not like you.

2. Choose a hobby or subject a friend is interested in, that you know nothing about, and try it or learn something about it.

3. Try role-swapping with a colleague at work. Start small, don’t bring the house down!

Shifting your perspective is key for growth. When you expand your perspective you learn more, do more, and understand more. What’s not to love about that?

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