Experiment Bigger

Many of us set goals every year to have a better body, wider client base, new career, deeper relationships, or a better life in general.  We set those goals based on what we want to change.  But has it ever occurred to you that when you goal-set you are doing it from the basis of who you are now, versus who you are capable of becoming?

The more we experiment with our imagination and its ability to help us make change in our world, the easier and more expansive your ability to create new ideas and a new world becomes. “Right,” you may be thinking sarcastically…”If it were that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?”  Right you are. Changing your world is easy but you need to understand and “hack” your beliefs about what is possible, (oh sarcastic one) and you want to exercise your imagination, just as you exercise your body. Here is a simple exercise for you to test on yourself – you can be a nihilist and this will still work for you.

Start your day by getting into a quiet state of mind. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and think of someone or something you love.  This helps open your heart and also your imagination.  Now imagine it’s a year from today and you are now in that future you desire, with that successful job, body, relationship, etc.  The more you feel the experience the better, so double click on the parts of that fantasy that are super awesome. Like that six pack abs rack you’ve got, that amazing paycheck dropping into your bank account, that super sweet flower arrangement that arrived at your door. Got that fantasy going?

Experiment Bigger

Okay, now with the full-on belief that, as Ellie Goulding sings, “Anything can happen”, invite the world to bring you an experience during your day that will move you towards these goals.  No need to be specific other than asking for help from things, people, and the energy field between all of us to show you what your next step is.

Then pay attention to what does happen in your day. By paying attention and writing down what small changes are happening or tips you are getting towards your next step, you create a subtle and powerful interaction between you and the world around you.  When something does happen, be grateful for it and if it requires action, take ACTION!

It’s the second month in the year of the rooster. This is your time. Build the life you want. Dream it, draw it, strip your old beliefs away and step into it. We need your brilliance.  CreativeGeniusYOU.


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