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Every so often I am invited to travel to cities I wouldn’t normally go to on my own. Not that I wouldn’t want to go there, I just don’t know about them, so they aren’t at the top of my travel list. But there are many truly amazing places and people out there. And if you can put aside your bias about the North, South, East, or West, you open yourself up to the beautiful unknown people, places and things that you can find there.

Last night I met a professor who is completely obsessed with virtual reality and uses it to bring experiences to the underserved. She was sharing with me her concerns about the haves and have nots and how she firmly believes that VR will help to change young peoples’ experiences in such a way as to close that gap.

Research shows that the brain does not differentiate between what you see and what you have experienced on Netflix, Hulu or YouTube1. It believes that you are the center of that universe and subsequently those experiences are yours.  All of that visual data is stored under the category “things I did” so the more you see, the more your mind believes you’ve done.

This week, why not do a little exploration to some places unknown?  Sort for something you have no idea about, but you already have formed some opinions on, then dive into it and see if you can find out from your own experience (virtual or real) what it’s really about. You might pick up a magazine you would never in a million years read, or watch some movie or series you have heard about and thought, hmmm that’s weird, why would someone want to watch that? Or maybe you’ll take the afternoon and drive a couple of hours to a small town you’ve heard almost nothing about, just to see what it’s like. Go find out and expand your perspective and knowledge. It will increase your flexibility and bring more juice to your world.


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