Extreme Ridiculosity

OMG the craziness ramps up by the day. Cubs made it into the World Series!  Woot!  The political scene is rounding its final corner! Woot! Woot! Portland’s Halloween costumes don’t seem any different than usual attire. Keep Portland weird! Triple Woot!!!

I LOVE the WORLD of the ridiculous! And you should too. Here’s why:

When you observe something kooky, your brain perks up out of its routine and those synapses start ramping up their firing. I know you are thinking, “Uh yeah, so what’s your point?”  Well, so…if you gloss over the ridiculous instead of letting yourself observe it, you miss out on a possible gateway through which your creative genius may emerge!

According to Claude Bernard, French physiologist, there are two types of observation: (a) spontaneous or passive observations which are unexpected; and (b) induced or active observations which are deliberately sought, usually because you are working an idea or concept, or you put a bunch of stuff into that big grey mashinator machine up top.

When your brain and you are busy running thought experiments, spontaneous observation of something out of the ordinary (aka ridiculosity) can often help you arrive at a new idea or hypothesis.  The secret is turning your attention on the ridiculous or “being in the moment.” Doh.  When beginning illustrators ask me how to become better at drawing, I tell them to LOOK AROUND, then LOOK HARDER.

The thing that is noticed might be the thing that can help you leap into your next idea, but only if you either consciously or unconsciously relate it to something you’ve been wondering about.  It will wander while you wonder and quite possibly wander you into a new field of ideas.

Bring on the ridiculous! Then, put aside your worries and let yourself look at what’s around you. It might be the #creativegenius link to your new normal.


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