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When the pace of life seems to ramp up and subsequent stress comes steamrolling your way, the best way to get though whatever experience you may find yourself in, is to find an ally.

I’m talking about someone who will empathize, help, sort, or, when invited, give advice – all of these things.

I found one fantastic ally in my new building, Kelli.  She has two small female poodles who are super sweet, and friendly as can be. (which is not the case for some of the other dogs on our floor ;-). Since the move has been a little stressful for our two male dogs, the best distraction they have found are these adorably fluffy mini poodles. It helps that one is a puppy, and she scampers up to Peyton and then back to her Mom. The two sets of noodles sniff and run and frolic and flirt. Sigh, thanks universe.

You can find an ally anywhere. He might be the checker at your neighborhood grocery store, who can give you advice on your new food plans. That ally might be your longtime friend on the phone in that other city, who is happy to remind you of how you managed your way through whatever you went through before.

An ally doesn’t even have to be a person, it might be your local gym or yoga class, your favorite coffee shop, or that strangely cool container pool on the premises.  Sneak over there after work and take a quick dip, just you and that cool, cool water.

Change is all around us, and the best way to navigate change is to relax into it, knowing that it will help you grow.  You don’t have to do it all alone, you can spend time with others, ask for help, and ground yourself in a shared moment. Who knows?  That brief exchange between you and that other soul might be just the medicine you need to remind both of you that fun, frolic and connections are right here for the taking in each and every moment.


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