Finding a Fad

Fad is an old school word, isn’t it?  What is a fad? It’s an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze, according to Wikipedia.

Fads can be a lot of fun. You feel a part of a community of people doing something weirdly different. Like a fashion fad – wearing bell bottom jeans – cool! The fad might be a health craze, like intermittent fasting is a current fad – you and I have been doing it since we were on food stamps in college, so it’s not all that new to some of us ;-)

Similar to fads, are trends. Trends are a prevailing tendency or inclination towards a certain thing. They tend to have more basis in the object’s qualities than a fad.

Why am I writing about trends and fads? They’re a great opportunity to try something new, to expand your current skills or interests. Like using a standing desk – really good for you!  Or using a fitbit to track your steps.  One time my friend John, who is the most hyperactive person I know and thin as a stick, was given a step tracker in a session we were facilitating. He walked so many steps that he broke it.

What fad, or trend, is catching your attention? Here are some popular ones that can also be quite beneficial. See if any of them help to boost your summer goal getting!

Listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks This is one fad that isn’t going away. But it holds an honorary spot in my list anyway. I love to read, but reading isn’t for everyone. However, we all have countless hours in our lives when we can listen to something. In the car, in the kitchen, at the gym, there are so many opportunities to absorb and enjoy some auditory knowledge.

Here are a few audiobooks I have recently loved:

  1. The 5 Second RuleMel Robbins

  2. You Are the PlaceboJoe Dispenza

  3. The Hidden Life of TreesPeter Wohlleben

And here are some of my favorite podcasts:

  1. Invisibilia

  2. Radio Lab

  3. The Accidental Creative

  4. Happier

Changing Your Eating Habits Eating better is oh-so-good for Creative Genius YOU! Try these eating fads and see if they do anything for you. Of course, these fad foods are often imbued with way more superpowers than they deserve, but nevertheless, they are healthful foods to include in your diet, and they come in many, many forms (think ice-cream, milk, coffee, smoothies, spreads and more.)

Try these current food fads:

  1. Turmeric

  2. Beets

  3. Moringa

  4. Plant-based protein

  5. Charcoal (Do not try this if you are currently taking medication)

Tool Sharing Why do we all need to have our own stuff? We buy something, and then let it sit in a closet for 11.75 months out of the year. It’s ridiculous! Get out and share your tools with your neighbors! Join a tool library, or start your own.

Reducing Single Use Plastics This has been an underground trend for many, many, years, and is finally enjoying its moment in the sun. David Attenborough is on board. The Queen of England is on board. The Pope is on board. How many fads can say that? Set yourself a summer goal of reducing your plastic waste by trying these 5 simple things:

  1. Ask for beverages with “No straw please.”

  2. Use your reusable bags! Or practice juggling on your way out of the store ;)

  3. Bring a water bottle everywhere you go. There are all different kinds out there, even ones that collapse to fit in your bag.

  4. Keep an empty lunchbox in the car, in case you need to take home your leftovers.

  5. Check your takeout order for those plastic-wrapped packages of ‘disposable’ cutlery, and hand them back to them if you don’t need them. You could go one step further, and keep your own on-the-go cutlery in your bag or car.

Fill your summer with new things to try and do. Experimentation with new things will expand your world and reboot your creative genius enthusiasm!


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