Finding That One Picture

No matter what you are currently up to, you are holding a picture in your mind or an impression or feeling in your body of that experience. How can you enhance it or shift it towards the thing or things you desire more of?

One way is by creating a picture of it. That’s right, you with pencil or pen, drawing. Why in the world would you want to draw, when you aren’t really necessarily an artist?  Well, drawing does a couple of cool things. The act of drawing, if you don’t typically do it, gets your attention. Your brain is processing hordes of information and sorting through them to see what is and is not important. To make a change stick, you have to reroute your brain and call attention to what is most important to you. Reprogram it into prioritizing that which you want at the top of the list.  Drawing helps your brain do that.  Writing also works, but drawing a picture of what you desire, then coloring it in; that little added effort helps thrill you with all the possibilities of that dream and solidifies it into your brain as “something I want.”

Visualizing what you want to occur also triggers the brain to send its own unique chemical cocktail into your system to make you feel supergood. A little serotonin, a little dopamine and “Wow!  I am having a great day!”

Overload your brain with the things you want. Write them, draw pictures of them, then daydream about them as if they are happening right now. Your brain can’t tell the difference between what you have actually done, and what you are daydreaming that you have done.  It files it all into the file cabinet of “experiences.” By repeating those experiences in your mind (and in your life), you train your body to respond appropriately to what it believes is your reality. Then in a great alchemical process, things line up, magnetizing that dreamy experience to you.

Picture it, draw it, dream it, live it. The things you most desire.

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