Finding Your Gravity

In a recent Smithsonian article, Gravity’s Muse, I read that NASA scientists are continuing to test, and hopefully prove, Einstein’s theory of relativity. Why? Because they believe their findings from testing the effects of gravitational pull may shift how astronomers view space – they’ll use gravity versus light to understand the relationship of stars and discover new planets and (you know) more about all that’s out there. This fascinates me. Not the gravity and space part, but the human part.

I’m fascinated by the humans behind that experiment and what’s driving their desire to know. Some aspect of this longstanding theory has triggered ongoing interest and deep exploration.

Wow. That made wonder. What about you and your world, do you find fascinating? It might not be Einstein’s theory of relativity, but what fascinates you can tell you a lot about who you are and why you’re here. And the gravity of that might pull you in a brand new direction.

So I dare you. Put down your phone, close your eyes and think about what is fascinating you right now.

Maybe it’s the work you’re doing. Perhaps it’s your relationship with someone else. It could be your children and their expanding selves. Maybe it’s a new hobby or skill you’re learning.

Choose one thing, and trace it slowly back to its origin. Did you ever think about this as a child? How did you feel about this last year? Maybe its a new focus. What about this focus of yours fascinates you?

If our world is bent in(to) orbit by the gravitational pull from space, what – in the space of your own world – is pulling you, and where?

That’s our question this week. Until next time, Up YOUR Creative Genius!


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