Follow Your Passion

Most people agree that following your passion makes sense. It can lead to a wonderful, creative, fulfilling and happy life. But when it comes to putting that theory into practice, we often run into obstacles. Once we take that passion from our imagination and place it into reality our brain kicks in with questions, doubts and concerns.

  1. You don’t have time to be going that

  2. You should be focusing on your career

  3. You could never make a living from it

  4. You’re not a child anymore, you need to be practical

Don’t get me wrong. These doubts and concerns have a place. They force us to confront reality and take steps to protect ourselves. But all too often, we let these doubts and concerns own the controlling shares in our lives.

How can we achieve a balance? How can we follow our passions, and also protect ourselves? The answer lies in planning. Planning your passion might not sound very exciting, but it makes sense. Nobody would advocate quitting your job and throwing yourself full force into your passion without a plan.

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Planning your passion can be as easy as making regular, scheduled time for it. Don’t view it as an indulgence, but an important part of your life. Whether it be biking, or drawing, or writing, or playing video games, make time for it. Explore it. Get to know it.

Exploring your passion in a low pressure environment can open up hundreds of possibilities you might not have seen before. Your passion for playing video games might evolve into a passion for making video games, your passion for biking might nurture strong racing skills. Whatever your passion, spending regular, scheduled time on it will build your skills, knowledge and experience.

With passion, skills, knowledge and experience, quitting your job and throwing yourself full force into your passion doesn’t seem so crazy, does it? What began as an indulgence, might suddenly become an opportunity for a different life, one filled with excitement and wonder. Then all you have left to do is set some goals and make plans to attain them!

To learn about some people who followed their passion and built something wonderful from it, check out our Creative Genius Portland web series!

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