Freedom – the Heart of Change

Recently when I was facilitating a world cafe conversation on spirituality I felt something in my world start to shift.  I couldn’t quite call out what or why this major change needed to occur, I just knew intuitively it had to.

Freedom is a hot topic with my clients.  Oftentimes it is the lack of freedom that creates a kind of unrest in employees.  While leaders want the job done well, a lack of trust can also cause managers to over manage employees. That takes away their freedom.

Inhibiting freedom isn’t just about micromanaging.  It’s also about

While you may not always know how change will shape your world, or what next adventure you or your team members will be stepping into, give yourself and those around you freedom of choice. From this place everyone feels the expansiveness to explore, examine and choose wisely their next move.

You may be surprised at the ease in which the right change will occur.

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