Get Fascinated

The world is so interesting right now isn’t it?

Between the Presidential circus and the weather, people are being asked to wake up and step up. Often we react with great fear, but fear shuts down our ability to think clearly. It only allows us to react. Curiosity, on the other hand, kicks the prefrontal cortex into gear and lets us override our reactions by raising our fascination quotient.

Want to give it a try?

Start by getting fascinated with what’s right in front of you – Maybe it’s people, or traffic, or the nature around you. Check out the color of someone’s eyes (subtly – staring is creepy), detect the scents in the room, or notice someone’s speech pattern. Then move back to you, how your body feels at this moment. Hone in and adjust something to bring yourself more into alignment.  Take a few deep breaths and then shift your thinking by finding one thing you are grateful for. Then find a few more. Gratitude is a fascination opener.

Now take a challenge or worry you’ve been housing in that brain of yours and hold it in your imagination as if it were a 3-D object in front of you.  Turn the object around and look at it from all sides.  See if you can shift your perception to view it from all angles without judgment, keeping yourself fascinated, interested, and curious.

Note any new information or insight you get. Then begin to shrink the 3-D object, challenge or worry to a smaller and smaller size so it fits into the palm of your hand.  Then imagine yourself gently blowing on this small puzzle in your life until it dissolves into air.  Know that as it merges with the life around you, the solution is being formed.

Keep your fascination alive and let it show you to the #creativegenius solutions right in front of you.


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