Get Out and Look Up

Winter is still snaking its way through this part of the world. A news article I recently read said there had only been 3 sunny days in our city this winter. BOO. Or HOO. One or the other.

So what does winter weather do to us? Well, it activates our desire to hibernate, which isn’t a bad idea for all the constantly-on extroverts out there. It gives you an opportunity to find new, calming, things to do indoors, like jigsaw puzzles or Netflix binges. Or you could try going the productive route and get into cooking, writing, painting, crafts, meditation, music etc.

You could also be a total badass and go outside anyway. Even cloud-diffused sunlight it better than none.

Last week I was working in a number of cities – some sunny, some rainy – but every day I made it a point to go outside and get my hit of seratonin!  I read that early in the AM is the best time to get a seratonin hit which increases your chance of a good night’s sleep later (who knew?). It also give you a nice hit of cortisol, which helps to keep you awake at work.

Of course its much better to get it all over your body, but I didn’t want to incite a riot, so I kept my clothes on.  Then I walked from my hotel to my client site – 1.5 miles. Everyone tried to talk me out of it and I was like, what?  Was it dangerous?  No. Were there sidewalks to walk on? Yes. What the heck, then!

That little getting out and looking up totally changed my day, it made me happier, more open and invigorated. It made up for the rest of my morning spent in a windowless room ;-)

This week make it a point to GET OUT and LOOK UP.


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