Getting Familiar with the Unknown

Traveling is one of the greatest ways to experience a different culture. For many of us, it requires budgeting and planning to get the full-on experience of a different country and its people. And it is so worth it. Traveling broadens your perspective on what you know about people and places. It helps to upgrade your brain’s hard drive on a part of the world.

Some places might feel familiar and make you wonder why? Others feel completely foreign at first until you get the lay of the land. Always there is an opportunity to learn more.

Even in your own city there are fun ways you can explore and get to know it, and the people who inhabit it, better. Here’s something I do sometimes, so I can be a tourist no matter where I am:

  1. Find a part of your city you know nothing about or just know via heresay.

  2. Pretend you are a foreigner, get a map of the area and walk around.

  3. Ask people to tell you about the neighborhoods, find out their favorite places and go see them.

  4. Find a restaurant you would not normally eat at and eat something you have never tried before.

  5. Ask yourself while you are in this ‘foreign’ place, “What did I think before and what do I think now about this place?

Every part of the world has a foreign spot, even those right in our very own city.  Find your foreign place and stretch yourself to experience it, enjoy it, appreciate it – because someone calls it “home” and loves it, despite its differences.

Bring your creative genius energy to every part of this planet, it is a precious place.


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