Getting & Staying Focused in 2012

Goal setting and goal achievement are two separate things. One requires that you take time to think about what you want.  The other only occurs when you remain focused on your goals and take action on them to help them manifest.

Your brain is bombarded with millions of bits of data in every second.  So how can you keep focused on your goals?  Draw a picture of them, place that picture somewhere you can see it everyday.  Then take action on those goals.  In my book, Drawing Solutions How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your LIfe I outline a very simple process for goal setting that includes creating a visual map of where you are, where you want to go and identifying the 3 bold steps to get you there.

Here is Ted’s 2012 map he created using my process:

You can see this picture has both words and images in it.  That activates both sides of your brain and also highlights this Desired New Reality so Ted’s brain will be alerted to get and stay focused on his goals.

You don’t have to be an artist to draw your dreams into reality.  Ted has been using this process since I first did a map for him 5 years ago. Every year he gets more of what he wants.

If Ted can have success using a simple drawing, so can you.

Send me your map so I can post your story too!  Happy new year and may you turn all your dreams into reality.

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