Give Love

Give Love (Even when you don’t feel like it.)

Giving love to everybody all the time is so awesome in concept, but very hard to put into practice. There’s always going to be that person who’s driving you crazy, or being rude or acting unreasonably. There’s always going to be times when you have to call Comcast (Egad!) or spend ten minutes being told off at the post office for not labelling your package correctly. Do we really have to treat everyone with love all the time?

The answer is yes. You’d be surprised at how your world and other’s changes when you approach them with love. Approaching somebody with love doesn’t mean being a pushover, it just means loving and respecting that person regardless of the situation.

In many cases, we don’t know what another person’s story is. Maybe they’re having a bad day, maybe they hate their job, maybe they’re just unhappy. Treating them with compassion is the best thing you could do for both of you. By reacting with love you’re bringing something positive into their day, and rejecting the negative from yours. If you’re having a hard time controlling yourself, take a deep breath, right yourself, and go from there.

I came across this awesome video yesterday that’s teaching kids how to handle their emotions, and react calmly when they’re upset. What an awesome thing! If we could all learn to give love, even when we’re upset, we’d be in a much better place.

So the next time you feel anger rising stop, take a deep breath, and GIVE LOVE.


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