Give the Gift That’s Lightly Used

It’s the season for giving. Giving love is the best gift idea, but many of us, of course, feel the desire to show that love through gifts and holiday gift giving. This season and this year, when you go to purchase something for friends, family, (or yourself) ask, does the gift need to be something new?  Why not give that person you love an experience, or find something used that you can apply some love to? There are so many ways to be a #CreativeGenius gifter, and so many reasons to be one!

More than 15 million tons of textile waste is created in the US every year. While some stores like Patagonia and H&M are working to innovate recycling, we haven’t all gotten on board yet. Why not visit your local thrift store or Goodwill for that new clothing item you need or want to give? I just picked up 4 fantastic high end shirts for $15 – which in the store would have cost about $450. I can make them into a super neat gift by dry cleaning them, and packaging them up to look nice and pretty.

9.8 million tons of furniture is thrown away every year. Sometimes, I drive around on trash night just to see what’s what. You wouldn’t believe the things people throw away! Get your crafty genius excited by re-painting old dressers, and adding funky individual knobs. Or check out Pinterest for ideas on making cute furniture pieces out of old tyres, crates, books, suitcases etc. With a little practice, your home will look super designery, and you can start making small items as gifts too!

According to the EPA, 4.6 pounds of garbage is created in the USA per person, every day. We’re one of the worst offenders for trash production per capita in the developed world. Yikes! You can make a difference every day by evaluating your buying habits, and finding room for change. Each small change adds up to a huge impact! Spread that impact around by choosing sustainable gifts for your friends and family. For example, you could gift this gorgeous reusable coffee cup. I have two and they are awesome! Or what about a really nice water bottle, an awesome lunch/takeout box, or a reusable utensil set?

You can make a difference not just in how you consume, but also where you shop. Shopping locally in the smaller stores in your community means that 78 cents on the dollar goes right back into that community. You’re also cutting down on fuel and shipping pollution!

While you are in the giving spirit, add giving to the next generation to your list. All the big and small ways that you and I can cut down our consumption will help their world remain as beautiful as ours.

I am grateful for your readership and support. Here’s to a happy and healthy season for all of you creative geniuses!

– Patti, x


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