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While in the Drive part of the Creative Genius You equation, you may discover that your amazingly thorough and thought through action plan to achieve that desired future requires skills you personally don’t have. If this is the case, one option is to take the time needed to develop a skill, like how to read a profit and loss statement or create a website. If the thought of doing this makes you go into a small panic or take a long nap, and you have the resources to afford it, consider getting help by building a team.

If you are on a budget that doesn’t cover this kind of expenditure, get creative. Can you swap services with someone who could use your skill set? Even if you find a way to arrange support for your vision, remember that you are the person who is ultimately responsible for the heavy lifting, keeping the flow going, checking and rechecking details and keeping sight of your goals. Day-to-day tasks may not feel very glamorous but each one is an act of commitment, a gesture signaling your belief in yourself and your dream.

Carey Lohrenz, in her book Fearless Leadership, writes about the importance of doing all the pieces of leadership. She notes that those willing to go the extra mile are the ones who will succeed despite the odds. Meaning they’re the one in nine people who make change happen. Drive or literal action is you putting your foot on that accelerator and it can also serve as a momentum builder.

Let’s mockup an example for you to see how this might play out for you…

Imagine you want to start a home-based business selling your potholders. You can picture all the ways people are going to love having your beautiful and functional potholders in their kitchen. You see yourself in your workshop with a couple of staff spending your day happily creating lots of amazing potholders. You make an action list, capturing everything in images and lists on small pieces of paper that you hang on the wall so you can see them as you begin to activate your plan.

Galileo, a Creative Genius if there ever was one, believed that the synergy between sight and imagination, visual and conceptual, technique and creativity creates the possibility for groundbreaking results. Let’s put this into that Galileo type accelerator…

While looking at your words or images, ask yourself, what do I know and don’t know about how to do this? Add connections to what you see in front of you. Allow your intuition to help you identify what you believe you must do to get from where you are to where you want to be.

If you’re not sure if all of the elements you’ve generated are necessary or important, take some time to do a cost/benefit analysis. This may help you weigh each option. Keep working with the Creative Genius Equation to refine your ideas and your objectives. You can learn a lot by simply visualizing an outcome. Revise your notes and images as often as needed, examining the interplay between imagination, actions steps and your goals.

Next, map your actions into a timeline that begins today with one simple step, all the while picturing you, as the ruler of your potholder empire (or your version of this).

What does it look and feel like?

Take some time to complete this simple assessment. The result is going to be the starting point for your plan. Let’s start by examining - and eliminating - anything that might undermine your success.

Now let’s drill down into that support team for you. In my Flip Your Fear and Crush the Virtual Stage class I talk about five key roles that can help build a successful support team:

1. Mentor – a mentor is someone who can coach you, introduce you to key people and also guide you into projects or products that will set you up for success and ongoing learning. When you start to look for a mentor, remember to get to know them a little bit first so that you find a mentor who is interested in helping you be successful. Set the stage by letting them know what you are looking for and invite them to tell you what they can offer you as a mentor. Mentorship is a two-way street, so you’ll be bringing your awesomeness to their world too!

2. Peer – develop a relationship with one of your peers who is starting a business like you or navigating the work world. Michele Obama shares in her podcast how a peer in DC became one of her closest friends. She knew how valuable that friendship was right away when she entered a room full of strangers and needed to know how to navigate it. A peer can help you sort through issues and offer advice, even a helping hand should you need it.

3. Creative Partner - One of the greatest benefits to having a creative partner, someone who is just fun to noodle ideas with, is that they can truly up your creative genius. Over the years I have built multiple relationships with creative partners, all of whom have helped me be successful. Find someone that you love to work with that will challenge you and encourage you, but always supports you.

4. Confidante – during this time, you need a confidante more than ever. A confidante is someone, maybe your partner or close friend, who you can share your big secrets and fears with. They provide a listening ear and are not so much about guidance, but they feel like someone who can share the load with you and you with them.

5. Tech guru – this is a must have in today’s world. Someone who can fix your computer, open a program, install security, run your Zoom conferences for you, set up your online classes. You can find good people on Upwork, try them for a week on something small and see how they do, you can also hire someone in your area, or invite your tech savvy daughter or son for help. It’s easier if you pay them ;-)

You can also set up an informal support group of peers. In my Mentorship program I see time and again how despite the work being daunting, the entrepreneurs in the program bond together and support each other. They invite each other to nominal fee beta groups or hold pep rallies and drawing sessions between our biweekly organized meetings. They use the elements of the Creative Genius Equation to help support each other,

Imagination X Intuition + Desire X Drive…

This week, look at the level of support you need and start to form your own winning team. It might take time, but you will find them and if you let them, they will teach you amazing things!

Actions I need help with:

Support team:

I can’t wait to see what you find out in this week’s activity!

Big love to you,



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