Go Out & Do Some Good

I know, I know, it sounds so ridiculously brown nosey, do-gooderish.

This week I worked with such amazing teams of people, in multiple cities and they were doing really, great things in the world. Kudos. They weren’t all Pollyanna on themselves, they weren’t boring nor dull, they were out-and-out awesomeness in action. One group went to the hill in Washington DC to educate their leaders on the need for health initiatives, the other did hard work making other people’s conferences run seamlessly.

AND they were FUN to be around!  None of this “Oh woe is me business.” If they were up against some rough $%#* they named it and got busy doing something to change it.

It’s so easy to complain, we’ve all been there!  But it is just as easy to roll up your sleeves and pitch in to make the changes you want to see.  As you know, many people are in a deep, deep sleep about what is happening around us. Malaise stems from disconnection, so if you feel yourself nodding out about what is happening in the world, now is the perfect time to step it up, even if you start with a tiny step.


  1. Pick up trash as you walk around your city.

  2. Walk with your neighbors’ kids to summer school, then clean up the school yard.

  3. Appreciate a nearby park and volunteer at some event they are hosting.

  4. Loved your alma mater? Make a donation…they did good for you, now give it back.

  5. Someone you know sick or lonely?  Bring them healthy food or flowers or your favorite book on tape.

  6. Missing your family? Call them. Tell them you love them. If you have the money, hop on a plane and hug them.

  7. See somebody struggling? Buy them a cup of coffee, talk to them, make them feel like the special, important person they are.

Service is an amazing tool for opening your heart. If you are feeling even slightly adrift, take some time to do something for someone else.  Spread love around and feel yourself expand into your heart-filled creativegeniusYOU.


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