Hack your Dreams

A lot of people today are interested in bio hacking. They are experimenting with going vegan or gluten free, cutting out sugar, drinking less coffee, doing yoga and meditating regularly. Every body is different, and we are all unique in how we care for them.

The same holds true for dreams. Every person’s dreams are different. Sometimes we hide our dreams, other times we go for them. But regardless, we all wonder, how do we more easily achieve them?

The interesting thing is you are the only one who knows the secret code that answers that question, but many of us doubt our knowledge of that code. We feel powerless about our ability to influence whether our dreams come true

When I began learning that the things I did, said or pictured in my mind influenced my ability to achieve my dreams more quickly, I woke up and paid attention. This mystery was awesome to unravel.  I began to hack my dreams. I’d ask questions and document the answers: what helped the dream happen faster?  What hindered it?  What absolutely thrilled me?

This week go Hack Your Dreams.

Take just one dream you have for your life – might be your health, your career, your spiritual connectedness, your relationships.  Take one and hack it.

Study it. Where did it come from? What motivated you to make that a dream of yours?  What big or small steps could you take to achieve it?  Write it down, draw a picture, add some color.

Neuroscientists have told us about neurogenesis – that our brains can generate new neural pathways, so why not create a new pathway of belief in your dream? Capture your dream in an image, then play that dream like a movie each time you have a free moment.  Daydream that dream for your life as if it is happening right now. Your brain will respond by reacting differently to new opportunities, and viewing life from a different angle.

Hack Your Dreams and find your secret code and methodology that works just for you. I double dog dare you. 


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