Happy International Women’s Day

Women are amazing! This year, and today, we have seen so many of our sisters courageously stand up for themselves and each other. You may have been around long enough to remember when this happened before, but if you weren’t, let me say that there is something very different about it this time.

Women of all shapes and sizes are finally standing up and being seen for who they are and what they believe in. That’s good role modeling for all of us.  Now is the perfect time for you to really step out of whatever shadow you have been hiding in and show your true self and your creative genius.

Here are some tips and truths to keep in mind as you rock it:

Say NO. Say no to that boss who wants you to work for less than your male counterpart. Now might be the perfect time to leave him high and dry and start that business of yours. Women will generate more than half of the 9.72 million small businesses in 2018.

Love Your BODY. Women have struggled with body image ever since advertising decided Twiggy was in and Renoir was out. But finally, slowly, we’re turning the tide and women are accepting who they are and what they look like. The goal is to be healthy and that is it. There are plenty of awesome female bloggers out there ready to help you pick yourself up when you’re feeling down. And brands are S L O W L Y copping to the trend. International online retailer ASOS is now leaving model’s stretch marks intact, and Aerie feature models with cellulite (gasp), stretch marks, and tummy folds. You know, that stuff we all have, but that we’ve been fooled into thinking are bad.

Women’s chronic low-self esteem is a myth. While most of us have seen all these articles and books about raising your self-esteem, studies show that in fact, young girls and women don’t have low self-esteem. Yep, read for yourself. You got this and you know it! So don’t put up with people who make you feel less than you are. You are everything.

Women are Smart AF. In a South African study called the Martha Effect, researchers “found strong evidence of a large female advantage that continues to grow at each hurdle of the higher education process. To be specific‚ relative to their male counterparts we find that there were 27% more females who qualified for university‚ 34% more who enroll in university‚ 56% more who complete any undergraduate qualification and 66% more who attain a bachelor’s degree. This despite there being roughly equal numbers of boys and girls at the start of school.” So back to the top of the page, you deserve that equal (if not greater) pay for a reason.

Happy International Women’s Day to you. Celebrate yourself and those women in your life. They nurture and love, they educate and inspire, they are beautiful and strong in all ways. They are creative genius in action.


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