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On my third ride in to shore, I noticed a young girl standing in the surf. She gathered her courage and asked me, “How do you do that?” and as I am running back to catch another wave I yelled, “You just jump on and ride!”  Immediately as I reentered the surf, a part of me was thinking, “You should show her how,” and another part of me was like, “No way! Catch that next wave!!” But when I ride my next wave in – there she is.  I recognize it as the call of soul, that part of us what always wants to learn more. I stop and answer her questions about my wetsuit and my board and how boogie boarding works.

The next part is amazing. I show her how to strap on the leash which keeps the board with you should you happen to fall off. Then I turn her to lo

k at the ocean and emphasize how you never want to turn your back on the ocean. I show her how to watch for the swell and then instruct her to get on the board and ride it in. She asks, “Then you just jump on?” and I say, “Yes! Look! Here comes a wave, jump on and go!” She leaps on perfectly and catches a ride all the way into the shore. I help her ride four more waves and then I gently ask for my board back. I tell her where she can rent a board in town and she says, “We are just here on vacation!” and I say “So am I,  maybe I’ll see you again.” I ask her name and tell her mine and wave to her parents and she runs back to them. Her mom shows her videos she took of her riding the wave in. She is stoked. As I wade back into the ocean, in my head, I’m empathizing with those parents, because she is hooked and that means she’ll want to boogieboard tomorrow, and the day after, and every other day she is at any beach, anywhere.

I’ll bet you have clients who feel this way too. Some of them need your permission and encouragement to expand their skills or mindset and learn something new. Whenever you get the oppo

tunity to share what you know with someone else, just do it. Know that you’ll help them to level up their thinking, processes, or communication. I’m still looking and learning from all you that I meet in the world. I thank you for your willingness to stop and share your creative genius with me and others. 

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