Holiday Crafty Giving         

We are now fully in the season of giving. The ridiculous thing is that we equate giving with buying, and stress ourselves out this time of year. Giving is giving, even if all you give is a smile or a warm hug.

If you’re having trouble with all the last minute buying, why not get all crafty on yourself and make some special things for those you love?  They may not be as perfect as that pair of shoes from Zappos, but homemade gifts are often more meaningful to the recipient and they are filled with your love.

Here’s a few ideas for getting crafty this weekend:

1. Paint some pottery I still covet my dishware that my friend Nancy painted for me. Look at this bowl, isn’t is awesome?

2. Sew something One year I got pajamas from one pal, another year I got some awesome prayer flags!

3. Draw a picture Here’s a cheater way to do it, print out a photo of something you love, put a piece of paper over it, hold it up to a window, and trace it! Then fill it in with all kinds of color.

4. Bake something yum There are some amazing recipes online that you can try to fire up your creative genius baker! Check out this list for ideas.

5. Create your own day planner Why purchase one for someone when your brilliance can fill a book with awesomeness?  Buy a blank notebook, and write in the dates…

Pro-tip! To make it easier on yourself, mark each week with a big decorated page, and then leave seven blank pages after it. That way, you don’t have to write in every date for the year!

Scatter questions throughout the planner to get them fired up for a magnificent year.

You are AWESOME and your giving of yourself is so much more potent and valuable than anything money can buy. Share your creativity this season, Crafty Creative Genius You!


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