Honor the person, not the beliefs

This week former First Lady, Barbara Bush passed on. She was 92 and did an amazing amount of work for literacy in the US. There are a lot of details about her life written in Wikipedia, for those of you who need a refresh. She wasn’t perfect, nor was she perfectly flawed. She was a human like you and me. One trait that stood out to me was that she always stayed true to herself and that’s a book we can all take a page from.

People love it when you agree with them, because it validates a shared perspective, but the real learning comes when you meet people and have discourse around areas where you disagree.

Hearing other people’s perspective broadens your own. You learn more, and you understand more. It may make you more set in your beliefs, but listening to others talk about theirs is a way of honoring them as a person. This week allow yourself to be grateful for and honor the people who have impacted your life, and re-examine some of the beliefs they held, and maybe passed to you, to see if they align with who you are now.

Who in your world helped to shape your perspectives?  And which of those perspectives continue to serve you?  In his book, You Are the Placebo, Joe Dispenza talks about how beliefs are habitual patterns that you have established through years of replaying a thought with an accompanying feeling. I don’t know about you, but there are some beliefs that my parents held that I don’t want to carry forward, and I bet you have some of those beliefs too. I can still honor them, but I don’t have to share all of their beliefs.

How do you know that a belief isn’t in alignment with who you are now or who you want to be? Your self-talk will give you a clue. What do you say to yourself about things that scare you, like getting outside your comfort zone, or trying something new?

– I can’t stand up for myself, I might lose my job – I can’t get up on stage, I’m scared, plus I am a terrible speaker.

Really? Or did something happen to you way back when that you locked into a belief, and it really isn’t true anymore? Or maybe it’s something someone said to you, and being young and impressionable it held a charge, and clung to you.

We all know that what we say can predict our behavior, yet we continue to do engage in negative self-talk.  This week take time to honor yourself by working to shift some of these old patterns and beliefs about who and what you are, and are capable of.

Watch your language patterns and bring your level of awareness up to see just what you DO say to yourself.  Then think about whether it serves you anymore.  If it doesn’t, replace it by saying the things to yourself that will help you create the world you want to live in, to be the person you are becoming.

Honor yourself, creative genius, and let yourself step into all that can be.


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