How Fear Can Teach You

Have you ever found yourself about to do something and got so worried about the outcome that you found you could not move?

Fear is the great inhibitor. It’s the full body stop sign.  Triggered by the amygdala, fear makes you judge your capabilities, twists your arm behind your back, forces you to befriend panic, and subjects you to a riot inside your head.

I am fascinated by fear. It is the dangerous cliff edge right before the abyss of unlimited potential.  We stand in our fear rooted at that edge – sometimes for hours, staring into that expanse of the unknown, imagining anything and everything. But generally, what we imagine, is not something good.

Fear breeds procrastination.  We halt in fear. We cower in fear.

But fear must have a purpose.  So what is it?

The most obvious is to keep us safe from harm.

Keep us safe.

“A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are made for.”

Fear also helps you give birth to a new level of confidence. Confidence in your vision, confidence in your ability to ask for what you need, confidence to stand up for yourself.

If the amazing leaders before us gave in to their fear, where would we be? Change happens when someone decides to overcome fear in service to something bigger, something more.  That something more might be the next stage of your development, might create a change in a societal system, or lead to a new invention.

Fear is your opportunity to dig in and find the ember of your courage, pull it out, breathe and build it into a fire and let it consume your doubt.

This week notice when you get afraid and ask yourself, “What am I really afraid of?”  Get into conversation with your fear as if it is a person.  Ask it what it’s doing here.  Ask it what it is here to help you learn?

Your fear is the key to unlocking a greater level of you and your gifts. Let it guide you to your next level of courage and then, do what you need to do to step through it and into the abyss of your potential.

Because you were meant to do this.

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