How Spooky is Your Business?

Wondering how to grow your business or yourself? Does the very thought seem spooky? It might be easier than you let yourself believe, if you let yourself believe it will be (Try that for a tongue twister!). And don’t decide to believe what you just read, prove it to yourself.

When was the last time you asked the universe to show you what goals to work towards? That may sound weird (A little like hocus-pocus!) but in a recent survey 64% of people said they either used their intuition when goal setting, or actively sought answers from the world around them.

How do you do that? You turn up your ability to notice what is happening around you, meaning the road signs, the radio, the person who you were just thinking about who then called “Out of the blue”. Once you start noticing these things, the coincidences and connections might seem positively spooky!

When we were in New Zealand, we saw a felt-board at the Christchurch botanical gardens and kids were going crazy putting up felt flowers, felt suns, felt landscaping etc. Why not designate a wall to become your own felt-board? Tear out a few pictures of things that call out to you from magazines or ezines and pin them up there, create a snapshot collage in your Instagram account, or look at your Pinterest – what is it telling you that you love? Is your next step right in front of your nose?

Change can seem like a spooky process, but did you know that if you continue to make small changes every day, you increase your flexibility and ability to adapt to large changes? Get busy with those little changes today and before you know it they will add up to become those big changes you’ve been dreaming of.

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