How to Reach Your Goals While Having More Fun Than You Could Ever Imagine

1.  Make it a Game When you set a goal, rather than working at it, make it a game. Let’s say you want to have two new clients, or two new date prospects.  Before you start your day tell yourself, “Okay! Today I am going to try some new things to level up my client base”, or “Today I’m going to meet three new (hot) people!”

So now you have set your intent…but the real key to making it fun is how you approach it. Make a list of all the craziest things you could do to get that new client or meet some new people. Ask other people what they do, read something it about it and then go do one – right away! Shift yourself from the dread of learning something new to the mindset of gaming –  learning new things helps you level up your game.

2.  Give Yourself a Reward What cool rewards are

ou going to earn for each step you take? The brain loves it when you have success with anything and gives you this awesome hit of dopamine when you achieve something. Use this to your advantage! When you make any movement in the right direction, totally call it out.  Do something  physical like stand up and yell, “Yeah baby! Now we’re talking!!!” Or find a bell and ring it – or give yourself a gold star. These rewards help remind you that working on your goals is fun!

3.  Track Your Progress

Hitting your goals requires persistence, yet most of us never track our progress, subsequently we have no idea when we are making any. This is why creating a chart and putting it on your wall, as old school as it seems, is one of the fastest ways to increase your success and happiness. When your brain sees your progress you are literally training it to want more of it and that fuels motivation!

Shift your thinking and tap into the things you loved back in the day and still love now – play, learning, competition, rewards. All of these elements motivate you to do and be more. Everyone needs a coach, so find that person who is rooting for your success and can help you to get more. If you need one, call me, or get yourself into one of my classes!

Are you a coach, consultant, instructor or facilitator who wants to help your clients achieve their goals 72% faster?

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to learn how to create a powerful drawing that will take your clients from goal setting to goal getting and step into the life they have always dreamed about. 

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