How to Spot A Confident Facilitator

Last week I got to be the human highlighter in the room as I supported two awesome facilitators as their graphic recorder. About half way through the session, I looked down and noted that one of the facilitators was barefoot.

The Top Five Traits of a Confident Facilitator:

1. Listens more and talks less.

When there is a moment of free air time, a confident facilitator turns the question back on you instead of filling the air time with their own opinions. ;-)

2. Keeps you in dialogue, even when it gets sticky. After years of being the human punching bag in post layoff facilitation sessions, I’ve seen that when participants are given a chance to talk things out, they work it out. A confident facilitator strives to be patient, listen, ask open-ended questions, and let participants find their way with gentle prodding.

4. Brings his or her authentic self into the room. No matter where you go, there you are. When a facilitator feels comfortable enough to go barefoot in the room, it says something. It creates the space for you to embrace your authentic self and bring more of you into the room too.

5. Engages all of your senses. A confident facilitator will not be put off by the CEO trying to talk them out of doing game storming in their session. Participants will be grateful because in the end it will be fun, funny, and filled with games, drawing, music, visuals, and rock solid deliverables . They will end up saying things like “I don’t know what the #@%&* you did in there, but it was awesome!”

When you are looking for a facilitator for one of your sessions, keep this checklist handy and if you are a facilitator – be bold, be brave, and above all, be you!

Please send us any of your creative genius tips about facilitation. We’d love to hear from you and post them to our readers. #CreativeGeniusYou

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