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Sometimes I can’t get over just how many amazing things are happening in the world every moment of every day. Some are subtle, simple things in nature, like that vide of the frog who used his back legs to move the mud aside to let the water flow to the tadpoles. Nice!

Yesterday I was cycling in the hot weather on a bike trail and I passed by a plastic tub filled with water bottles sitting in ice water. Someone had just put them right there for anyone who might need a cool drink. Nice!

These little and big things inspire us. They fill our hearts with love and create a desire to do more good things for each other. Inspiration brings us together and given the state of the world, we need it.

This week, find a way to get inspired and then create an environment to inspire someone near you – whether it’s your team, or your family, your friend, or a stranger.

Here are a few tips to get you inspired:

  1. Go to an art museum or event. Look at the art, and look at the people looking at the art.

  2. Take a walk in nature. Put your phone away and really look at the beauty that surrounds you.

  3. Draw a picture. I hear you, you’re reminding me you can’t draw. You’re phrasing it wrong though. It’s possible that you can’t draw well (Because you have never practiced!) but it is highly unlikely and you can’t draw. Put your ego aside and get out those coloring pencils! Check out this cool infographic for more reason to get creative.

  4. Cook a nice meal for someone. If you are the main cook in your house, find a way to cook with complete love and attention, as if it is a gift. Not a gift for someone else to appreciate and compliment you on, but make it a gift for you to appreciate. Then dial it up and appreciate it with all your heart while you eat. Yum!

  5. Do something that brings you joy.  Sing, Talk. Listen. Read. Play music. Visit. Color with your kids. Build something. Let yourself get inspired. Inspiration is all around you, all the time.

Like Andy Stefanovich suggests in his book Look at More, if you want to get inspired, you just need to take time to look at more and look harder. Then take that inspiration and use it to go out to inspire others.

If you have a story of inspiring others, or being inspired by other, share it on our Facebook page! We’ll send out a little digest of your stories with next week’s newsletter.

P.s. I’m not an Amazon affiliate and get nothing back for sharing links to book and items on there. I just really like that book! ;p


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