Interrupting YOU

Interrupting the Subconsciously Commenting YOU

This week I met some amazing people, with VERY different perspectives on life. They had some interesting beliefs, opinions, lifestyles, even clothing! It was both awesome and uncomfortable to catch myself in internal dialogue about someone I hadn’t even met yet.

It made me wonder, how often do my unconscious biases color the lens through which I meet and greet new people? Hmmm and yuk.

With our brain running on auto pilot no less than 30% of the time, what goes on inside our minds isn’t driven by our heart, but rather by past experience, the media, where we grew up, who we grew up with, and what they believed. 

Without mindful attention our assumptions about the “other” run amok.

Oh, no, no, not me, you might be thinking as you read this, but trust me those assumptions are always working to make an a** out of you and me both.

How to interrupt that automaton and get back on track?

Remind yourself about the whole point of being alive! To be present, and give & receive L. O. V. E.

You don’t have to love everyone up close and personal, but from afar why not love them because they are part of life.  And since they are in your window of observation, try to take it one step further and just fill the whole picture frame with love. Big red hearts all around them. Superimpose them in front of the person’s face if you have to, to shift your thinking.

We’re getting ramped up for Valentine’s Day (The most awesome holiday of all, and one you can take advantage of to celebrate love in ALL its forms.)

Check yourself when you are entering the sphere of the “other.” What kinds of stories do you have running in your head?  Be curious about them. Who’s thoughts are they and where did they come from?

Then invite them to take a hike, so Open&EmbracingYOU can show up.


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