Is It My Intuition or My Ego?

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Last week I talked briefly about listening to ego versus intuition, and my intuition led me to write a little more about it (maybe so I could learn it again ;-). We’ve all had times when our ego drives the conversation – urging us to do something to ‘look good.’ and satisfy our need to be praised and petted. I’m a Leo, so I know all too well this bus driver.

Let’s remind ourselves how do we know the difference between ego driven desires and true inner guidance? In Anne Archer Butcher’s book Inner Guidance, she cites numerous experiences where direct guidance saved her life, noting,” Inner guidance is fast, instinctual dialogue from the source of life that offers a solution.”¹ Once as a teacher, her intuition guided her to write a series of sentences on the board for her students to discuss. She said the directive didn’t feel like a choice, it was as though a force moved through her and she followed. Because she followed her own curiosity, both she and her students shared a powerful learning experience that probably would not have been possible had she thought it all out beforehand. The egocentric part of herself would have chosen a safer exercise.

When you choose to listen to your intuition and learn to leave the egos’ self-interest behind, you clear the path for your best self to step forward. Intuition links you to your desire to understand the broader mystery behind the eternal questions: Why am I here? What is my life purpose? What can I do in this moment to keep in alignment with who I am as a person and the unique gifts I bring to the world? As a result, you become more aligned with your True North, and are destined for adventure. You’ll find yourself taking on the role of the explorer, looking for clues leading in the direction of the life you desire. When you invite your intuition into the process you will sense the subtle difference between ego and true inner guidance.

There is a definite difference between how a decision made with ego or intuition feels energetically. When your ego is speaking to you, the energy feels tense and contracted. With intuition, the energy is expansive and uplifting.

Here are a few simple examples that Bob Proctor (Proctor Gallagher Institute) gives us to illustrate the difference. He writes, “When you listen to the voice of intuition, you invite the flow of love, inner peace, and abundance into your life. When you pay attention to the voice of the ego, you invite fear, which fuels a scarcity and competitive mentality. Although the guidance from either voice may sometimes be the same, you’ll attract vastly different outcomes depending on the intention behind your actions.”

Here’s a few suggestions about what that might look like when you are deciding something …

  • Intuition guides you to start a business to help others. Ego wants you to start a business to get rich.

  • Intuition guides you to drop weight to become healthier. Ego pushes you to lose weight to look good at your high school reunion.

  • Intuition guides you to ask someone out on a date to connect and enjoy each other. Ego pushes you to get a date, so you won’t be alone.

What I love about these simple examples is how easy it is to see your tricky ego at work and how much more expansive and inclusive the decisions are that you make based on your intuition. When you look at the world around us, wow, a lot of the decisions are really coming from this self-centered it’s all about me (versus we) space.

What you imagine and what you choose to act on are very different based on who’s driving the bus. Your imagination's job is to serve up all of the options without judgment. You are thinking about how to educate your child during a pandemic, and if you have the money, you are thinking let’s hire a teacher for the home part of the school week. Maybe I’ll invite the neighbor kids too. You are not thinking about people outside your comfort zone, who might benefit from that kind of a circumstance but can’t afford it. You get a nudge to find a student like that and your ego overrides it (what would the neighbors think?).

We forget our intuitions’ role really is to help guide our decision making for the highest good. When you become aware of who’s driving your decisions, then you invite your imagination and intuition to become the dynamic duo they were meant to be and believe it or not, you start to imagine bigger and better, you free your imagination to travel into the unknown areas – where you will take risks and reap bigger rewards. Hand in hand by taking your fear and your ego out of the equation, you open the door for your imagination and intuition to work together to set you up for success in alignment with your true purpose.

Leveraging this part of the Creative Genius Equation: Imagination x Intuition you set yourself up with new options and key information. Watch for the possibilities that fill you with excitement (desire), then you’ll naturally find the drive (sweat) needed to achieve them.

This week, I invite you to notice who is driving the bus in your decision making? Is it ego or intuition?

Try taking a challenge or a decision, writing it down. Then let your imagination brainstorm all of the awesome solutions or actions you can take. Finally, sit back and get quiet, then invite your intuition to choose your course of action. What do you notice?

Be sure to send me a text or DM or post something in FB. I can’t wait to see what you find! Let’s do this!

Big love,


¹ Inner Guidance, Anne Archer Butcher, p.


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