Is Your Client Base All It Could Be?

Every so often I open a book that is so helpful and engaging that I actually read it all the way through. “Book Yourself Solid” by Michael Port is one of those jewels.

Port’s book follows a simple, effective process to help you truly understand the service you are providing to your clients, learn to clearly articulate it, and fully develop your client relationship. This week I attended a PR and media workshop (not related to this book) to ready me for interviewing with multiple types of media for the book release. “Book Yourself Solid” had completely prepared me for the brutal “mock” interviews I was subjected to.  I knew what my customers needed, I knew what I had to offer and how to say it without bumbling around and losing their attention.

If you are wanting better client relationships or to expand your client base, I highly recommend this book. Here are just a few of the insights I picked up:

1. Create a “velvet rope” strategy for which of your clients you want to work with. Determine the criteria for your ideal clients and review your client list to see which are “duds” that drain you dry.  Then create a strategy to dump them. Only allow clients who match the criteria of the kind of people you want to work with across your velvet rope.

2. Get clear on why people buy what you are selling, what it is you DO sell, and how to articulate it.

3. Build trust and credibility! Once you have established a solid working relationship, create a sales cycle that offers new and existing clients a variety of useful products; some of which are free, others that they can easily purchase to enhance their business.

4. Follow one of his simple super sales strategies – this book outlines how to leverage web sales, networking, direct outreach, referrals, speaking, writing and keep-in-touch strategies

While this book is filled with gems, my biggest “aha” was about creating simplicity and clear articulation of the customer service you provide. Port comes back again and again to remind you of your role as a service provider. Service at all levels. This book totally inspired me and so when you are thinking about your business and how to promote the services that you offer, I highly recommend you investigate his website to see if there is anything there for you.

Additionally, if you are looking for ways to get you or your team re-engaged with a refreshed business vision and strategy, check out the speaking engagements I will be doing in your area. At each talk, I will be outlining our “Snapshot of the Big Picture” strategy – a simple and effective goal setting strategy to help you achieve that envision and achieve that future you have been dreaming about.

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