It’s over. Time to bury “Tradition”

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Hello Creative Geniuses,

In the days before the pandemic, you and I believed that if we dedicated ourselves to doing one thing well, physically face to face, handshake to handshake, our business would be highly successful.

Well right now we have to bury that belief. Even if you have a traditional 9-5 job, your job is no longer “traditional” in any sense.

All of us have had to shift to the virtual environment - even with our friends and family! That means your business success comes down to one thing and one thing only – you.

While it has always been this way, in the past, you could hide yourself away, offer up the great work you do, leverage the fantastic connections you have, and all without needing to show your face on a video screen.

But now your very own reflection is what customers need to see whether in the zoom, team, google duo format, you have to be onscreen to make connections, and you need to bring your Creative Genius A game.

So while you can still do what you did before, during this time of disruption requires that you take a different approach with your business, your brand and you.

As scary as it might sound, this is the clean slate era and you have to step it up and get busy to meet your new (and existing) customer’s needs in a new way. Facing a clean slate can feel overwhelming.

“How do I get myself seen in the sea of the nearly one billion people online, now that we are experiencing COVID-19?"

How do I stand out, and what marketing strategy should I use?

What platform is right for my business?

Where should I invest my money?

What will actually work for me right now?

I faced all of these questions when I shifted to online work and I still do. But I don’t do alone, I hired a thought partner and SEO expert, Robert Seitzberg, CEO of Float Marketing, to help me. He’s amazing and he’s made magic with my online classes and presence.

And guess what? You can learn from Robert too this Saturday in my online class Ignite Your Online Business course. He is going to share tips on how to build your email list and take a clean slate approach to move your brand to the forefront through campaigns and give-away strategies.

And to prove he drinks his own koolaid, he’s giving you an e-book he created for people just like you to help you sort through the online marketing madness.

Here is an infographic he created which outlines the subjects he covers in the ebook:

If you want to learn how to accurately identify and define your online business so you can take it and run with it in many different ways — both now and in the future — grab your seat NOW!

In these powerful three hours, you’ll experience one of my most powerful business-building trainings and it’s a crowd favorite!

I’ll show you exactly how to tune in to your Creative Genius so you can make money saving the world and I’ll even give you a free 20-minute transformational call when the class is over to make sure you figure this out once and for all!

Are you with me?

There’s only a few spots left and you’ll want one of them!

Be well, stay safe, wash your hands and big love to you!



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