Keeping Connections Alive

My social media maven, Emer and her sweetheart Kenyon are moving back to Florida. Boo. Yes, I’m sad. Yes, I’ll miss seeing them in person, BUT I know that their life doesn’t revolve around me or my business.  It revolves around them – their goals, their future, their dreams. Yippee! (that’s me being genuinely happy).

Just because they are moving doesn’t mean that we won’t still be soul sisters.

We live in a virtual world. I have a friend – Tommy, who I met on Twitter. I have only seen him in person once – when he brought me to his super cool town to speak. But we cultivate our relationship virtually all the time. Hello. I love you!  ♥

How do we keep our friendships and working relationships alive despite new distance?  We get off our butts and go visit them!  We call them or face-time them, we send actual postcards or letters. (Oh yes snail mail is coming back.)

We make an effort.

Netflix, Hulu and lots of stuff on the internet fill our world with stuff and distraction and information.  But it’s the deep connections and conversations that fill our hearts and widen our views.

This week go out of your way to connect with those you know.  Pick one person on your Twitter,  Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to reach out to. Actually read someone’s blog post, then send them a note.  When people send me notes, I reward them with a fan pack.  (Don’t spread that around.)

Write a note or a letter. Send an actual birthday card. Call someone you haven’t spoken to this year yet.  Keep those connections of yours alive by reaching out to see how they are doing. Yours may be the one call they were needing, they were secretly waiting for. You may be the one that inspires their #creativegenius.

Floridians, keep your eyes peeled for two new creative geniuses coming your way! I’ll miss them here in Portland but I expect to see them there in Florida soon!


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