Keeping Your Cool

If you have been following us on our social media channels – FB, Twitter, Pinterest – you know that we have been putting in a mural at the Seattle Space Needle in the employee entrance. You won’t get to see it, unless you work there, but for those people who do work there, it’s a tribute to their wonderful customer service and celebrates some of the cool things that have happened there in the past.

Mural – check!

We interviewed some of the employees to hear their stories and get their take on what it means to “Beat the View” with their customer service. Their stories were so cool and moving. Based on those stories, we created a couple of first drafts of different styles for them to choose from. They chose one, I drew the pencil of the entire mural, Scott cleaned it up and added to it and we sent it to be approved. Check! Then it was on to installation!

In early testing, we thought we could actually draw the mural, versus painting it, which was a relief to me, seeing as I am not a painter…so we projected our image and penciled it onto the wall, day one – easy peasy.

We came back the next day to ink it in. UH OH. The pens pulled the paint off the wall and gummed up. Pens were definitely not going to work. ;-( We were going to have to paint the mural. Hmmm I took a deep breath and tried not to FREAK OUT. After about 12 deep breaths and a latte, I realized, hey I’m with one of the most amazing painters I know, so this is destined to be an AWESOME learning experience.

And so it was, I got a crash course in mixing paint and painting tips (Scott’s been trying for years to get me to paint so his wish came true too ;-) and with a few acrylic paint pens to black line with, off we went. We donned our “space capes” (you can get yourself one in the gift shop) and spent the next 3 days working on it.

Super fun. So many things we heard down in that employee hallway. So many wonderful interactions. People were so supportive and accommodating. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I will not forget. While we were there, the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer came through that hallway with hordes of screaming teenage girls waiting to catch a glimpse of them.

It was such a wonderful experience, and once I managed to keep my cool I gained so much from it. Here are some of my tips on keeping yourself cool in new and stressful situations!

6 Tips on Keeping Your Cool

  1. Ask for and accept help.

  2. Lean into it – I definitely was a little panicked at times, but whatever, right?!

  3. Be grateful for all the small things. Like the perfect brush stroke when it finally happens.

  4. Listen and engage with the people around you. The employees were super helpful and so nice!

  5. Keep going – even when your arms are tired and your brain is on overload. Step off the ladder, drink some water, get back up and keep going

  6. Laugh. At the very end when we were reviewing all of the changes etc., I realized I had written on the side of one of the buses filled with loads of children Awesomess On Its Way instead of Awesomeness. HAH!

Thanks to all of you for following us! Send us your summer stories and drawings so we can post them too!

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