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I don’t know about where you live in the world, but the weather here has been quite tumultuous.  It is typical to rain this time of year, but the amount of rain and ferocity of it has many people’s heads spinning.  I can’t imagine what it’s like for you on the Mississippi or in the tornado areas. What I love about the North”wet” is that it drives me inside to find ways to up my creative genius.  I do the usual revisit my goals stuff to see what’s working/not working, but recently I have started to play around with my life using my imagination.This week I have been fantasizing about other lives I could be living right now.  Most of the time I do strategic illustration for visioning and strategic direction with Fortune 50 companies.  Some of my clients periodically ask me to draw a cartoon of their team. Because here I can be completely ridiculous, it is a lot of fun.  So much so that, I think I’m going to thank a great client from a long-term contract by doing a cartoon book for her.

In my latest fantasy, I imagine my voice mail and email box crammed with high paying requests for me to just draw “a few cartoons” for people.  I imagine my day, waking up late, having coffee, walking the dogs, then going in to my drawing table and drawing for a couple of hours (still in my sweat pants).  On Monday, Melinda calls asking me to do a cartoon for Bill to hang in his new office.  On maybe Wednesday, Marc wants a cartoon for JLo’s birthday.  I imagine my whole week like this and just really play up the relaxing, drinking coffee, plenty of time to ride my bike part.  Then fantasy over, I turn back to following up on client calls and my typical work stuff

The interesting part is once I go back to real life (not fantasyland), suddenly I get more calls for cartooning.  Coincidence?  It happens way too often to be coincidental.  But don’t take my word for it.   See what kind of fantasy life you can create for yourself by just letting your imagination wander and then filling that vision with fun, exciting, interesting, unusual well paying experiences. Life is an adventure, go make it so! Thanks for being here,xp

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