Learning to Listen

“The earth has music for those who listen.” —George Santayana.

Times are changing. We sometimes focus a lot on how they’re changing for the worse. I’d like to talk about one way in which I think they’re changing for the better.

In a meeting yesterday, a woman shared a story about how an unexpected rain had come through an open window and soaked some old boxes in her office. She complained about having to spend a day sorting and discarding the soggy contents. Another woman at the table turned to her and asked, “What did that mean to you?”  Without skipping a beat, her response was, “What did it mean? It meant it was time for me to let go of the past.”

I loved this moment. It showed me that our consciousness is shifting, and that people not only realize that the world is constantly communicating and operating on their behalf, but they are actively listening to it. It also told me that this particular group would have no trouble tapping into their creative genius throughout the session, and they didn’t prove me wrong.

Do you listen to what the world is telling you? Do you see the connections between what happens in your outer world, and your own personal inner experiences? Maybe you call this messenger God, or The Universe, or maybe you just refer to it as your Heart. No matter what you call it, be sure to listen closely. In a high-tech world, it’s easy to get distracted by incoming text messages and emails and miss the incoming “waking dreams” reflected in the world around you.

A waking dream is something that happens in your outer world that provides an answer to a question you might be noodling on. These messages can be subtle like the lyrics of a song on your playlist or radio, or something that someone near you says that you hear as if it is highlighted in bold.

You can test and train yourself to listen better and here’s one way to try:

  1. Think of something you have been challenged by, or are working on.

  2. Put it out there in whatever way works for you. Maybe you like to imagine releasing your thought, or maybe your prefer to do it through prayer or meditation. No matter the method, get it out there!

  3. Pay attention to everything that happens in your week, and write down anything unexpected.

If this doesn’t work for you, modify your technique, do something to heighten your hearing. Sometimes I don’t catch it in the moment, but only in reflection will I get the message.

If you feel disconnected in any way and are in a state of wondering “What the )())&*&(^*** is going on?!” or “What am I doing with my life?” this is a simple and easy way for you to reconnect to you, your purpose and your unique creative genius connection with the world around you. It will help you get rise up to get a larger perspective and remember Creative Genius You.


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