Leave Time for Creativity

Every goal is made up of a bunch of small tasks to accomplish, and in this world of multi-tasking mania and insistent immediacy, something that often falls by the wayside is creativity.

Creativity is the essential essence, impulse, and flow behind projects.  When engineers get in a room, they often say to me “We’re not creative, YOU’RE creative!”  This is a mis-conception, born of the idea that only lofty, artistic types can be creative. In fact everyone uses creativity to problem solve in their day-to-day lives. The more complex the problem is, the more creativity is required.

Why do we push off the creativity piece until the last minute? If we are under pressure, we find ourselves mired in the details of the project and simply forget altogether to flex our creative muscles. But the creative muscles are the ones who get us farther, faster.

Here’s a few fun suggestions for checking your project manager at the door (all basically involve being the office weirdo – but where would be be without them?):

1. Paint your proposal

Everyone thinks it has to be perfect, that grant application, or resume. The truth is there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of applicants for funding or a position. Make yours stand out!

2. Send a sonnet to a co-worker

Yes, you could write it in an email, but how much more fun would it be to receive a sonnet about that project you have been hatching a strategy for? Hmm?

3. Get musical

Compose a song with your co workers and record a video of your team singing it as a thank you to someone who over-performed on a recent project. Oh yah, that will surprise and delight them.

Let your creative genius seep into every little thing you do. Bring FUN back into every corner of your world. Enjoy the ruckus! Life is a glorious ride, have a good time with it!


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