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Happy February!  I had the great opportunity to go to the UK and work with a cool company and one of my European collaborators, Wim, this past month.  Since I was so close to Paris, I thought I would visit for just a day.

At curbside the morning I was to fly out, there was a taxi, car service mix up. I got into the cab and then realized when a car pulled up behind us, that they had sent a car service for me.  I got out of the cab and into the car behind, and in the change up, my luggage was accidentally left curbside.

The driver was fascinating and en route to the airport, shared stories about growing up in Dublin.  He had researched the area where he was born and lived during his early years, (a very poor, poor section of the city) and told me of his online adventures in finding historical figures from his street and his past.  I rode to the airport listening intently, completely unaware of the empty “boot” behind me.

At the airport,  we both realized the luggage snafu.  Instead of getting upset, we got back in the car to sort out a solution.  Fortunately he was able to track down my bag; still in the city near my hotel one hour away – too far to reclaim and still make my flight. No big deal, I realized I was flying back through the next day, everything that was terribly important to me (the maps I had drawn, my passport, ID, money, etc.) was all in my hands.  I wasn’t really as dressed up as I would have liked to be, but no worries, it was one day in Paris.  I could manage.

The driver said he would pick up and drop my luggage off at “left luggage.”  I only had to stop and pick it up upon return.  The next day, sure enough, my luggage was waiting for me; easily claimed and checked for my flight home.

Simple.  Upon reflection, I realized that I had been bemoaning hauling that heavy suitcase of art supplies over to Paris.  Problem solved.  How often does that inner conversation manifest in outer results?  More often than we think.

Think back on your January, how many things were you thinking about that actually came to pass?  The world is a delicate mystery of interconnections and activity that the mind has yet to grasp but is available for you to leverage in every moment.

Thanks to my driver and to the all who conspired to make mine a lightened load in Paris!

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