Let Go and Move On

I walked into another company this month where they’d merged a couple of big companies together, laid a bunch of people off and everyone was SUPER excited at the TOP. But down below that level, wow, were people pissed off.

This is how it goes in the drivelatia of corporate America and it will go on and on and on like that until eternity is over. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to let it roll over you, squish the life out of you, pummel your self esteem to pieces.

When your company merges with another and they are threatening and actually making lay-offs, you can despair if that is your nature, or you can:

1. Be curious about your future, rather than be afraid of what’s coming.

2. Ask questions when there are no answers until there are answers.

3. Offer to help with something you like doing.

4. Refuse to be a lemming and start to swim upstream, support your friends and buy them coffee and donuts to cheer up the team.

5. Actively look for alternative employment i.e. LET GO.

Sound good? Here’s a few tips on how:

Make a list of things you really want to let go of (draw a few pictures of them too, just to make it a fun versus torturous review of yourself/life/work).

Choose one habit, behavior, thing to let go of. Imagine yourself without that thing/habit/behavior. See it as clearly as if you were in that life without it right now. Draw a sketch of you without it (perhaps a smiley-face you)

Now look back at the road you took to get here. Pretend you have already traveled along that road to this miraculous new you without that thing and what did you do, learn, find, experience along the way? Write down everything you can think of that you did to help yourself. Then do one of those things to kick start the new you.

Here’s mine. I’m an illustrator. I have hundreds of pens of all kinds, pencils, pastels, chalks, paper, tape. As I write this I know that when I get home I am going to go through my closets, drawers and keep ONE of each thing I have actively used in the last year and give the rest to the art teacher at the local elementary school. Divest. AND I’m going to enlist Julie’s help doing it, because I can’t be fully trusted with these kinds of divesting things. I can give up sugar but hard to give up art supplies.

What will you give up this fall?  What are you clinging to?

Let go. Be brave. Move on. Lighten your load.

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