Let guilt go and let love In

If this holiday season you’ve found yourself feeling like you’ve been overdoing it with cookies (thanks Sandi) or too many bites of cheese with crackers (thanks Dick and Charlene) and you need to get back on your regular health routine, you are not alone. But before you guilt trip yourself silly, here’s an awesome factoild I found:

It’s actually a myth that you gain 5-10 pounds during the holidays. Studies show that most of us gain only about 1 to 1.5 lbs. HAH!  That new knowledge wasn’t enough to send me back to the cookie jar, but I did notice that I felt a lot calmer.

I read an article yesterday about how in 2018 the trend is on practicing more MindLESSness, versus MindFULness. Being present can help you control strong emotions and be more grateful for what you have, but overdo it and you could actually find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of introspection and isolation. This year why not find that state in which your mind isn’t present at all?

Let’s cut out the guilt, the self-focus, the overthinking, and start being proactively in love with what we are, and letting that love guide us. Find the things you love to do, and the people you love to be with, and lose yourself in them.

Simplify your life by cutting down on those 124 mini-goals and focusing on one bold step. And celebrate every step of the way.

My map of the future this year looks very simple. Its focus is very clear. In every moment (even in my sleep) I want to Give Love and Be Love.

I can break that down into all kinds of mini-action steps – letting my dog Daz have as much sniff time as he wants when I am walking him on a leash –  smiling at everyone I see – being patient with difficult people –  saying thank you to anyone who does something to make my day easier. (Thanks Emer for your superb editing).

Be grateful that you are alive and awake. Love every moment you can, but remember to lose yourself in something every now and then, and to also turn your gaze outwards and share your love with the world.

Whether or not you get a good review, an A, or a bonus, might seem very important right now, but that moment will pass as will your disappointment or exuberance. When you’re stressed, try to imagine if you’ll even remember the issue in a month, a year, or a lifetime. Chances are you won’t. Let go of that guilt and negativity, let love in, and then take that love and share it with the world.

You and I are here to help each other, to serve each other and to learn to love MORE. Say it out loud to yourself in the mirror so you can say it more to those who help you out, (whether you like them or not), I love you.

Happy New Year Creative Geniuses. I love you.


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