Let The Good Things In

December is considered the “look back” time. Companies often use the end of the year as a time to review how well their sales team hit their goals, how many strategies got met, whether team performance did or didn’t align to desired culture. What you say or do when you review makes a difference whether your company is big or just you!

Reviewing what you did is super important, but little of what you successfully did actually lands on your brain and sticks. The amygdala tends to focus and obsess about what you DIDN’T do instead. Bummer.

How can you subvert this part of your brain to bring your focus back to the good? Here’s a few tips from different experts:

1. Focus on the good, then take time to soak it in. Whenever something good happens, close your eyes and take a moment to fully experience it. Turn up the volume on the good parts. Here is a great blog post on the chemistry of letting things land to stick.

2. Get out of the past and into the present. Bringing yourself to the present moment allows you to be open and receptive to what good you are experiencing. Here’s some reading on this.

3. Take time to be grateful. Gratitude is the #1 connector of good to good. 5 minutes of gratitude before you fall asleep = good night. It’s a super source of serotonin, that feel good chemistry.

4. Remember the real you. Ask yourself, “What did I come here for? What am I doing about it?” You are a spiritual being (however you interpret that) having a human experience. Accept that you will “fail forward” and get busy either finding or working on that purpose!

5. Draw and pin your wins. This is an old concept, but I refreshed it for 2015. Instead of putting my wins into a folder where I could pull them out when I wanted to remind myself I was worthy, I drew a few pictures and created a slide show of images that represents that that plays on my desktop – my own “year in review.”

A year end review is a fantastic thing to do. Remember to ask people around you for feedback on what you did well! Your people network helps your neural network. The things that fire together, wire together! By hearing or seeing their comments in email or text, you have the opportunity to relive your experiences and rewire your brain to the positive.

As I reflect on my year and experiences, I have to say that I am grateful for you! Thank you for your followership and taking the time to read the blog posts when you can! Thanks for your referrals and your support! I’d like to call out my top followers this past year:

Perry Downes! Guillaume Wiatr! Cindy Ogasawara! Toni Lembcke!

Thank you and big love coming your way via secret Santa.

I’d also like to call out the team that helps makes Up Your Creative Genius happen! Emer Kelly – social media Brad Clemmons – all things digital! Navin Kulshreshtha – webmagic and on occasion, Scott Ward! Thanks team, you are awesomeness in action!

This was a magnificent year in so many ways. Celebrate your season by expressing your gratitude to things big and small. Hope your holiday season is all you dreamed it would be and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the new year!

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