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For many people around the world this year has been filled with turmoil. It’s hard to say thank you for those challenges, but if gratitude truly is the grease for a happier life, then we must learn to. Thank you to all of you who demonstrated love and showed us how to be compassionate with others who are migrating, healing, and rebuilding.

Earth is not an easy sandbox to play in, but it serves its purpose to test the holy hell out of us and see if we can still love despite what it throws our way.  

The New Year is a time for change.  We get to turn the page, open a new calendar and start fresh. So why not lift up and bring into the light of day your greatness, your courage, your ability to say yes to whatever life gives you. Then when you are having a tough time, love yourself AND love those around you, no matter what kind of idiocy they sometimes demonstrate ;-0

Lift Up CreativeGeniusYOU in 2016.  Draw a picture of your best year ever and step into it.  See how far and wide you can swing open the door of your heart, reach out with your talents, bring your true self into the light of day. This world needs each and every one of us. We can’t afford for you to wait until it feels safer to make that change, to shift your thinking, your career, your focus, your service to the world.   

This past year I received dozens of emails and social media notes from people around the world who had drawn their future and were lifting themselves up to step more fully into their greatness. Thank you for sharing your drawings and inspiration with us!  Emer, my social media maven, suggested we start a webpage this year for these images and fill it withyour greatness. If you want your image to grace that page, please send it to us!

Big love to you and yours. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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