Look for the Helpers

Guest post by Emer Kelly

If any silver lining can be found in the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, it’s this – we’ve shown our true colors, and they’re beautiful. Despite everything that’s been going on in this county over the past year, stories coming out of Texas show the depth of connection between our citizens. Here is just a sampling of all the goodness that’s been happening:

  1. People have taken to the washed-out streets in boats, inflatable mattresses, and even big-rigs and human chains, and are rescuing their friends, family, neighbors, and complete strangers.

  2. Those who have escaped the flooding are bringing food and water to those who need it.

  3. Luckier people with dry homes are inviting strangers to stay with them.

  4. Volunteers are lining up around the block to offer support.

  5. Local businesses are stepping up to provide food and shelter.

  6. Journalists have interrupted their own live reports to help people.

  7. Buses are providing free transit to shelters.

  8. Blood donations are spiking (but more still needed, don’t be afraid of that needle!).

  9. Monetary donations by both businesses and individuals are pouring in.

  10. Folks are making donations of food and hygiene products to help the 30,000+ people who have been displaced.

  11. Rescue groups are saving beloved family pets from drowning.

If you look for Love, you’ll always find it. It’s the best thing about us.

And what about you, #CreativeGenius? If you’re wondering how you can spread your light to those affected, check out this Forbes article on ways to help.


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