Love can, and love will, win

Guest post by Emer Kelly

There are some unbelievable things happening right now.

Just….nuts. Madness. It’s hard to talk about.

We’re all scared, and worried about where this is going. Maybe it’s an isolated incident, but maybe not. Either way, we need to band together and make sure Love Wins. We can’t afford to do anything else.

I do believe that love is stronger than hate, but love requires action. It is not a passive thing. There are so, so many more lovers than haters in the world – together we can take action. Digital media has us all so connected that we can hear about an incident, and mobilize within hours. Hate isn’t going to sneak up on us, we can see it coming.

So how do we mobilize in the face of hate?

1. Get out there Find your marches, your town halls, your community events, and get out there. Support what you love, and protect it.

2. Get political There are candidates on both sides of the aisle who are horrified by what is happening. Find them, support them. Maybe they’re not the perfect candidate, maybe they do other things you don’t agree with, but supporting them for this will send a very strong message to others.

3. Make your views known If you’re a small business owner, consider putting a sign in the window signaling your inclusivity. If you lead a team, make sure your members know where you stand, and feel comfortable, accepted and valued.

(psst! Click the image below to download and print your own)

4. Use hashtags If you’re using social media, use hashtags like #LoveWins. It seems like a small, insignificant thing, but many publications use social media as a barometer of public opinion. Let’s show it leans strongly in favor of love.

5. Get out of your bubble If we preach inclusivity, we must live it. Make it a point to go to neighborhoods outside your bubble and support businesses there.

6. Avoid hatred This one is tricky. We’re fighting on the side of love, but it is so, so tempting to hate the people who are causing this pain. We need to find a way to rise above that, and to be objective. We need to focus on what we can do to help, not on the people causing the problem. Hate will only make us weaker. We are strong.

If you need an example of immense strength, look no further than Heather Heyers mother. Her remarks at her daughter’s funeral are filled with immense love and resiliency. Is she can do it, we all can.

We’ve got this. We can do this.


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