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One more thing about Desire…if you let it, desire can work like a balm. Desire can soothe your nerves and then surprise and ignite you. Think about people in the world who inspire you. Think about those people that touch and move you if you let them, whether it is a leader, a sports figure or a mentor. Those are the people who can ignite a stack of kindling inside of you that will fuel your desire to become your best and bring out more of your talents to the world.

Then in the same way, when you choose to bring your biggest and best self to handle a challenge, or step up your game, you role model for other people how to step into their best selves as well. Knowing that what you do and say in the world matters and knowingly becoming a role model is a true service to others. This shouldn’t come from a place of “oh I want to look great,” but from a place of ``I am here and you are here, let’s support each other’s growth and achievement.” The universe runs on this law:

To get love you must give love

Every spiritual leader in the world speaks about this universal law. This kind of desire to serve life has been with you since you were born. It’s your constant companion, and if you let it, this feeling will nurture you through any difficult experience.

It starts by knowing you belong to this cosmic field we live in, because you are made from it. You are loved and beautiful because the world is made up of a force field of love. Loving yourself is the essential ingredient to the recipe for a successful life. I’m not talking about self-love in the ego sense but in a reverent one.

You exist because God - the universe, this energy, a force field, whatever you want to call it - made you. Once you accept this concept, you open the door into the greater mysteries of life. I wanted to call my first book the Magic of Change because it is magical how you and I are created, and how our bodies, when left to themselves, will heal and grow and expand with our desire to learn more and expand our consciousness. You and I float in this sea of love - this D of Desire.

The more you give love, the more you get love.

How can this concept help you solve your problems?

That’s the petri dish we are experimenting with in the Creative Genius Equation in this element named Desire. You will find the solution you are looking for when you align your desire to a universal purpose for the good of the whole. Your solution is that vision for your life, or your product, or your team, which becomes a gift to others. Your shift in awareness from ME to WE is the spark which ignites the magic.

Envision the best, choose the right direction to start, fill it with love and then surrender it up into the force field that you and I are made of. Then step forward, each day taking another step and another, and do small things until you have fully stepped into your vision.

As things begin to take shape, because they will, let this love expand through gratitude and let that gratitude open your heart. Desire is all about love and no matter what you want in this life and beyond, you will receive. It may show up at first in a form that you do not recognize. Know that everything in life is here to help you evolve and grow, and to shape and refine you. If you pay attention, you will know at your core your deeper purpose in life.

This week’s experiment is to simply give love.

Feeling challenged?

Find a way to make a list and write down and appreciate all the things and challenges in life that are helping you to learn. Send love to your environment. Send love to all things big and small that support you - your house or apartment, the food you eat, the people who live nearby, those that serve you without your awareness.

Then, thank everyone by drawing a picture of gratitude for that love that fills you up and ripples out to everything and everyone you touch. You are a Creative Genius and your love matters more than ever.

Thank you for being here.

Big love,



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