Love over Fear

Wow this is a troubling time. Heartbreaking. Difficult. Lots of fear everywhere.

Fear can have a powerful grasp if you let it in. It can choke creativity and freedom and put a big stop to your momentum. 

You can freeze in the face of fear, or you can take control, double down and keep moving.

When I was studying as an actor in NYC, late one night after some serious partying, our car broke down in a very scary part of town. I was petrified to even get out of the car.  The woman I was with, turned to me and said, “Well, we can’t stay here.”  She steered us into the closest all night convenience store and brought out 2 big steaming hot cups of coffee and handed one to me.

“Here”, she said, “We probably need this to keep our hands warm and if someone unruly comes by, here’s our response.”  Then she turned and we started quickly walking towards the subway station way across town, both of us talking as loud as we could, at her insistence. She seemed so brave to me. Her instincts just kicked into high gear and the next thing I knew we were home. Safely.

I learned how important it is to step into and through your fear. Be bold and be smart.  Fear tries to hold you frozen in place. But right here during these times, let’s choose love over fear.  As a country we have come so far in our state of consciousness in some areas, we can’t go back.

This is the month of Pride so let’s celebrate for all those who can’t. Get out and show your love and support for the people around you.  Meet your neighbors, take a box of biscuits to the lady down the street with that barky dog, show compassion to people who are having a hard time and just give as much love as you can. Thank people for being in your life and be thankful for your life.

Love is the antidote to fear and hate. Take the love challenge and see just how much love we can give, to ourselves for who we are and to those around us for being with us on this journey.

Love over Fear

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