Nap Your Way to Creative Genius

Everyday around 2 PM I find myself slightly woozy. I’m an early riser and even though I make sure to have a perky style gluten free no sugar lunch, I can still find my energy lagging when the little hand hits the 2.

Never much of a napper, when I read John Medina’s book Brain Rules and came to his suggestion about napping and how a 10 or 20 minute nap would refresh and reboot your brain for the rest the day, I thought you must be kidding!

Who has time to nap especially when you sit in a cube?! Well okay, I don’t sit in the cube, BUT I do often spend full days onsite with clients vying for someone’s cube.

One day when I was working at a large non-profit in Seattle who shall not be named ;-) I found a “quiet room” with a couch in it. A quiet room!  What a great idea and I needed quiet – I had a swirling headache from too many flowcharts and decimal points. So I slipped in, shut the door and lay down on that comfy couch just for a second.  OMG. I actually napped! I experienced five luscious minutes of drooling slumber!

When I returned to my client I was so refreshed that I didn’t care that I was converting endless amounts of project plans from spreadsheet after spreadsheet into visual language. I was so happy!  I had discovered the power nap! Whether you are a big time CEO, a project manager juggling multiple plans or a gal or guy with a 10-minute afternoon break. Try it.

Find some secret spot to power nap – maybe in your car after lunch, or on that shaded fire escape off the alley, or just bite the bullet, tell your team you going to lie down under your desk and put a “do not disturb” sign on your computer screen. Set your alarm, sink into slumber and up your creative genius by napping and add your name to the long list of power nappers:

  1. Arianna Huffington

  2. Al Einstein

  3. Tom Edison

  4. JFK

  5. you

  6. me

  7. the dog

  8. ok this list is short ;-) to save space!

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